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Bought all these books this year and they are still unread. Started in: Life of Pi (Yann Martel), Me Talk Pretty One Day (David Sedaris) and A Damsel in Distress (P.G. Wodehouse). I have already read Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen), but not this exact copy.

The House of Mirth – Edith Wharton


Edith Wharton

I’m not really going to review this book, but I just wanted to write down my thoughts on it. I wanted this book because of the pretty cover. I know not to judge a book by it’s cover, but often I do. I thought this cover was so pretty, that I had to have this book! So I got it.

The back flap reads:

At twenty-nine, Lily Bart dazzles at New York balls and soireés, but she knows that her days as a fascinating beauty are numbered, as she has not yet found a husband. But when she is accused of an affair with a wealthy married man, Lily is set to lose her life of luxury, her stability, and any hopes for the future.

And I really liked it! I love books that take place in a different time period. I like them even better when they were actually written in that time. I love reading about how life was back then (in this case early 1900s). So maybe I’m a bit biased.

The story is not a very happy one. There’s a lot of misery and despair, and even evilness in some of the characters. Towards the end there was some hope for a better future, but then the ending happens and the hope is gone. The ending was very sad to me, though also kind of pretty in a way.

I often didn’t like Lily, especially in the beginning of the book. She’s calculating everything and playing everyone. But at some point I started to feel for her. It’s not easy being 29 and not married! (Well, at that time.) I was really hoping for her to find security in her life, but I also didn’t want her to marry just any of the men. This book is really just a romantic story, kind of like the chicklits nowadays. Lily is looking for a husband, basically. But she also plays with the idea of leaving the society and to be independent, but she just doesn’t has the money to be independent.

I don’t regret wanting to have this book because of the cover. I really enjoyed it now that I had to time to actually sit down and read it. The beginning was tough to get into, but I don’t know if that is because I didn’t have a lot of time to read non-school things, or if the beginning is just slow. Sometimes it’s ok to judge a book by it’s cover!



I’ll probably be back at some point in my life! Maybe somewhere in the next week… but I can’t promise anything!

Teaser Thursday


I am cheating with this one, cos I missed it on Tuesday.

If anything was needed to put the last touch to her self-abasement it was the sense of the way her old life was opening its ruts again to receive her. Yesterday her fancy had fluttered free pinions above a choice of occupations; now she had to drop to the level of familiar routine, in which moments of seeming brilliancy and freedom alternated with long hours of subjection.

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

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My TV Top 5 of 2010


After reading Michelle’s Top Fives on television, I thought I could do one of those as well! Even though university has been hectic, I have been keeping up on my tv shows. I might have been watching them several days after they were on tv, but I still watched them.

So I hereby give you my top 5 of tv shows I’ve been watching in 2010!

Modern Family5. Modern Family

Glee just fell of this list, cos I think I like Modern Family just a bit better. I do enjoy Glee a lot. It is a very fun show. But this last season has had a lot of weird things happening. I now think Rachel is the most annoying person around. And they don’t set things up for next episodes, they just let everything happen in that same episode. Which is getting kind of annoying. So, that’s why Modern Family is on this fifth place. I think it’s funny, and sometimes hilarious. It’s just not my favorite.





Chuck4. Chuck

I don’t love this show as much as I used to. But for old times sake I will still watch all of these episodes and I will enjoy them! Sometimes.The Sarah and Chuck troubles are getting extremely annoying and old. We get it.








The Vampire Diaries

3. The Vampire Diaries

I don’t know what it is about this show. I think it’s pretty much ridiculous most of the times. There are also so many inconsistencies that every episode makes me more confused. I always watch this show online with online buddies. And it is actually a lot of fun to watch together. We comment on everything we see, and we can laugh at the silly things together. But I’m pretty sure we all enjoy this show, secretly. Damon is just perfect. I read rumors of people wanting to cast Adam Brody as the bad guy vampire (Claus??) and I think that that would be great!




Party Down

2. Party Down

I don’t think this show was all that well known, it also got cancelled after two seasons. I think I love this show because it has so many Veronica Mars people in it. (John Enbom, Rob Thomas, Ken Marino, Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen, etc. Even Kristen Bell was in it, and the guy that plays her dad, Enrico Colantoni, and the guy that plays Logan, Jason Dohring.) But besides that, it is also very funny. Things never really turn out good for anybody. Which I guess sort of makes it realistic. Working in catering seems like it’s not such a great job.





1. CommunityCommunity

I didn’t think much of this show at first. I just didn’t watch it. But then at the beginning of 2010 I was hearing great things about this show and since I had nothing else to watch, I went to watch it from episode 1. It has really grown on me since then. I love all the characters, I love most of the jokes, I love the pop culture references. I don’t even get all the references, but I feel like I get enough to enjoy them. This show is definitely my favorite to watch every week!






Making this list was actually a lot harder than I thought. I enjoy a lot of shows, but if I think they are good? Not all of them, but I enjoy them anyway. So this list is in what order I’d watch them if I had new episodes of all these shows. I’d start with community, that’s all I’m sure about.



I almost forgot my url and password! I figured it out on my own though! I’d be very ashamed if I had to click that pesky forgot your password? link.

University has been so hectic. Last week was my first week of Christmas break and I had planned a lot of relaxing. But then I got sick, and I couldn’t really relax in the way I wanted to. Cos only sleeping was slightly comfortable. And now I should start studying for my tests that start next week. UUUGH.

I think I will post something else in a bit. I just didn’t think this post would fit in with what I have in mind. (It won’t be about books.)

I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, I thought it was a fun read. Besides that book I’ve pretty much only been reading the Stephanie Plum books. I don’t even enjoy them that much anymore (they are basically all the same book), but I still want to read them. I guess I got invested in these characters. Plus they are easy and fast reads. So they are exactly what I need in between school books. Cos even though I find most of my schoolbooks extremely interesting, I find them dull, cos they are schoolbooks.

Oh, I’ve also read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and I LOVED them!

Well anyway. HAVE A GOOD NEW YEAR!!